Now, the quiz is short and easy; so, don’t cheat and jump ahead. Consider each question in order. They contain no tricks, and they’ve been approved by my history professor colleagues.
1. The Declaration of Independence is a document _______________
a. outlining formation of a new government.
b. announcing secession from government.

2. What was the fate of most of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence?
a. fame and fortune
b. wrack and ruin

3. The first American patriots fought as _________________ the lawful, established government.
a. loyalists for
b. rebels against

4. Fresh from a war of liberation, the independent states agreed to form a union to which ____________________
a. they were a permanent, inseparable part, willingly divesting themselves of sovereignty.
b. they delegated certain powers but retained sovereignty.

5. Knowing tyranny well, the American people wanted a central government with ____________________
a. very general powers to address perceived needs arising anywhere at home or abroad.
b. very specific, limited powers to manage only the federal responsibilities given it.

6. The shift in power from states to central government in America was due to ___________________
a. a careful legal process consistent with the original letter and spirit of the Constitution.
b. the brute force of war on the South.

7. The original Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag was written in 1892 (without under God) by Francis Bellamy, who was ______________
a. a godly man and patriot who wanted to reinforce America’s love for country through a memorable tribute to be repeated on special occasions.
b. a defrocked preacher and socialist who wanted to cultivate allegiance to strong central government through a political oath recited frequently by children.

8. A patriot is one who, above all, is devoted to _____________
a. his government and the support of its policies, actions and leaders.
b. his country and the liberty and well-being of its people.

9. A patriotic love of America and support of the US Government are _________________
a. one and the same.
b. two different things.

God Bless America!

All correct answers for questions 1-7 are the same letter. Questions 8-9 are up to the reader.